Your Destination, Your Rules

Limove's private car service redefines how you journey. Offering a blend of options that fit like a glove, be it work or play. Limove's here to make your journey smooth no driving dramas, and no parking stress. So kick back, vibe with the tunes, and let Limove own the road. You're in for a ride that's as epic as you.



Tailored Journeys

Dive into travel that’s all about you. We’re not just a ride – we create custom itineraries, suggest activities that match your vibe, and keep you in the loop with live flight updates. Your journey, your rules.

Simplified Travel

Yup, we get the modern hustle. Limove amps up your travel game. From doorstep drops to touchless check-ins, our slick mobile apps keep you in charge anytime, anywhere. Your journey, your way.

Modern Amenities

VIP vibes all the way! Free Wi-Fi, plush seats, and non-stop entertainment – Limove’s all about making your ride cozy and cool. Your journey? It just got an upgrade.

Eco-Friendly Moves

Green is the new cool with Limove. Our electric rides redefine travel, keeping your journey reliable and the planet happy.

Exceptional Customer Support

You’re the star here. Pocket-friendly rates, flexible cancellations, 24/7 help – Limove’s on your side, shaping your journey your way. Ready for the ride of a lifetime?

Enhanced Travel Safety

Limove’s commitment to safety goes the extra mile. With security escorts, travel insurance, and emergency assistance, we ensure your travel is not just secure, but worry-free.


Experience our sedans’ comfort, elegance, and convenience for all your transportation needs.